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6:46pm 06-20-2022
3:43pm 03-19-2022
hi nova your website is so cool!!
5:15pm 03-18-2022
Hello! Thank you for the follow! Your site is really cool and I love your art! Deffo gonna follow back! Thanks!
Replied on: 11:24am 03-19-2022

Hey thank you! I'm glad you like my site and what I do :]

11:21am 03-17-2022
UR PROJECTS ARE THE COOLEST AAAGHH i cant wait to read more about your dragon girls!! always love the nextholder babs
Replied on: 5:31pm 03-17-2022

THANK U REA you are so kind to me! i'm def gonna work on the projects page more it's next on my to do list